Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moving to Myspace

From now on all of Dukes new blogs will be on his new myspace. This site will be an archive and will be kept for people to read and help them find his new site. He felt myspace would give him more exposure so please come visit and join his my friends to keep updated on Duke. You can also see me and my family there. Click link below:

Hope to see you there!!

Thanks, Deb


Blogger Frunny The Frog said...


Honk Honk

3:24 PM  
Blogger Lana said...

I read the posts here first and have been reading and reading Yet i see Nothing but Oh poor pitiful me type posts. Which bothers me a bot You claim to be this wonderfully renewed and new found type person YET i see NO mention of the VICTIMS?? Hell No mention even of your crimes??? So i decided to go looking and searching Love that google. The only thing i found was this relating you and your crimes.

"On May 8, 1989, a Belmont County man collided with Donald Palmer Jr.
on a county road. Palmer shot the driver twice in the head and dumped
the body and pickup truck in a nearby field. Palmer also murdered and
robbed another motorist who stopped at the scene of the accident. Palmer
has been awaiting his execution for more than 3,000 days"

So were you an Addict? Were you high? What was the purpose? Do you think of the time that family is spending without those in thier lives that YOU took from them?
yet you have the nerve to tell us how horrible it is for you??
We are informed about how you only have 17.00 and need or would like to have such and uch and how you have NO one to call and no one to visit To be Quite honest i do not see a BIT of remorse for the loss you gave to those families or a bit of sadness for them. Which Sorry can not say I see you as a changed person. True I was not there i do not know FACTS i only whow the charges as posted and well i have to say it seems Odd to me when this is not mentioned in all the writng you do.
i have to also wonder JUST how sorry you are?
Having had my days in the grips of addiction and having served time in prison and changed my life 12 years ago i can honestly say I see someone wanting folks to feel sorry for him and send him things he is without
Personally I rather just be asked myself then CONNED
and have my sympathies played on
especially considering there is NO mention of your having a bit if feelings for the LOSS you have caused but only for your OWN loss. which well is after all of YOUR doing No one elses.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Christ follower said...

Hello sir,
At this point in your life, you have to be honest with yourself and our Lord Jesus Christ. I do believe that we convict people these days of murder because they are absolutely positive they have the right person. The problem that lies is that you need to convince yourself that it didn't happen because you have nothing else to do with your time. From this point on, my only suggestion that I can ever give to a soul that I know or don't know is make sure you are absolutely 100% sure you are going to heaven. That is the greatest gift a person can ever recieve. Even a person on deathrow for obvious reasons can and will be forgiven of their sins. "He without sin, cast the first stone". We all come short of the glory of God. No one comes to the Father, except through me, Jesus said. My friend that I will never meet, pick-up The Holy Bible, study it starting from the Book of John. 1st, you need to visit with a Christian minister to make sure you know your salvation is crystal clear. If you are already saved, then you know where I'm coming from. You can know before you close your for the last time, if you put all your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Study God's word in the new testament. After you are satified and understsand His word, then read the Bible from front to back. The stories in the Bible are a lot better than trying live soneone else's story. He will give you peace. Last thing, Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord, shall be saved". And that means anyone that ever believes their sin is to great to ever be forgiven by our Creator. If we don't accept Him, we will perish for eternity. Pass the word...

9:06 PM  

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