Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Sunday (11:39 p.m)
July 9th, 2006

I'm listening to WKSU once again. I like alot of the music they're playing tonight. If you would like to hear some of this music you can find it at folkalley.com, and you can look up WKSU.org to find lists of songs aired on the weekends to see what I'm listening to. But, for tonight, I'd like you to look up a song titled "ZIPPY" by Michael Smith at folkalley.com. It really made me laugh. I'm glad I'm sober now.

Talked to Debbie a couple of times today. Her first grandchild arrived on June 29th, and she has been with her daughter and grandchild ever since! (smile!) I pick on her and call her "Granny" or "Mamaw". It's fun... and I'm just an ass sometimes! Anyways, she is going to come visit next weekend and bring me a catalog so I can order a pair of frames for my next pair of eyeglasses. Finally, I get to get out from under these ugly glasses! I'm going to be SO freaking happy! If I were a free man, the first thing I'd do is have laser surgery on my eyes! I put my old glasses over top of the ones I wear now, and I can see perfectly. I can see butterflies and flowers in the field beyond the perimeter fence, and details in the trees I havent been able to see for years. The world is beautiful when you can actually see it.
Well, the folk music went off (midnight on Sunday nights), so WRMU (91.1 fm) should have jazz on now. Time to put jazz on, nice and low, and go to bed. My dreams have background music, like the movies! (smile!)

Goodnight, ya'll!
Sleep with angels!


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