Monday, March 27, 2006

Big News

March 14th, 2006
Tuesday, 11.07 am

I’ve decided to begin writing for this site at least once a week. With the 5 hours I spend out of my cell every day (on average) I’ve found that I don’t have as much time as I once did. I also wash all of my own clothes now… so, I spend 3-4 days a week washing clothes by hand. I do it so often so I only have a few things to put on my clothes line at a time.
Where do I begin?

I’ll begin with the biggest news; The magistrate judge, to whom my case was passed down to by my federal district judge, has recommended to the distr. judge that my petition (appeal) be denied on each and every issue. And, since I can’t find just ONE attorney to hear me, or to do as I wish, I’m going to SHOW those of you who read this why the verdict on death penalties are completely unreliable. I’m just waiting to die now! I expect the Distr. judge to "rubber stamp" (accept the recommendation) of the magistrate judge… and I expect the 6th Circuit to CONTINUE to "presume the state rulings are correct" (which they’re not), and for the federal judges to use the SAME fake evidence to CONTINUE to deny my attempt to find ANY justice!
So, since I’ve resigned myself to my fate, I’ve decided to put theWHOLE truth on this site for everyone to see. I will show you how they have lied right from the beginning, and how those lies have become "presumed" to be correct "facts". I’ll show you how one of those lies CONTINUE to be used to support my conviction, and PROVE to you that the prosecutor and everyone else KNEW they were putting on fake evidence and lying to the jury and the judge.

My second biggest news; Shyla (my daughter) is getting married in spring ’07. She’s the baby, and suddenly I see another life-event has passed me by. Her fiancé’s name is Jason, and they’ve been dating since she was 15… she’s 21, now.

And, perhaps the BIGGEST news to those of you who read this; "SHE" will be here to visit me soon. I received a letter from her ex. I wrote to him, and to her, in reply. She went to see him. His name is Chuck Craft, and he is in prison until November 2006.

Chuck Craft # A474-150
2500 S. Avon Beldon Road
Grafton, OH 44044
(He asked me for a penpal… said I’d let people know.)

She asked why he wrote to me and why he told me what she had written to him in confidence. She wrote to me and asked for help. Said I was the only one who cared about her as a person. And if anyone COULD help her it’d be me.
She left "HIM", and was here on March 1st to (supposedly) tell "HIM" that she was sorry for hurting "HIM" and using "HIM" to make me go away. She wrote to me on the 7th saying she "told him everything". Part of me feels really bad for "HIM" because he must feel like I did… at least, to some extent.
As for "HER"… I guess I just care too much to turn my back on her… but, I could never trust her with my heart again! She finally gets to see what I meant when I told her "Ohio" was just a friend. Besides, I have "someone new"that I want to pursue. I think I will find honesty in this one, and that is the most important thing for me. I am headed into the last court, and I don’t want to live and love with doubt and suspicion. I need peace of mind in these last few months of my life. (Could be years, but I could be gone in 12-18 months.)
I just want to paint, visit with people I care about, and enjoy the life God gave me (which I threw away). I’m hoping my new friend, who does prison ministry, comes to see me soon. I need someone to talk to about God, faith, and life. I need someone to keep me grounded, and ACT in accordance with the love I have for God. It was this same friend who made me aware of how vulgar my vocabulary has become, and I said I’d try to be more intelligent and eloquent. So, it’s not the ruling that’s coming that has me trying to be a better person… it’s just what’s "RIGHT" to do!!! But, if I find something humorous about "my penis" for example, I’m definetly going to be rude, crude and funny!

Another piece of news; my friend Joe Clark has an execution date for May 2nd. I’ve been friends with him for 15-16 years, and now he’s at the end of hope. They allowed him to move over here in my pod, on my range, until his time comes. I see him lost in thought, while his other friends go about daily life, and I wonder what sadness is on his mind, and if it has anytihng to do with his friends’ indifference to his plight at times. It’s on MY mind constantly, and probably not ½ as much as it is on HI! Ya know?

So, as you see, my life is full of events which a normal person would consider too much at once! Friends being executed, my own execution impending, dealing with the pain of "HER" while trying to help her AND move on at the same time, with my baby’s wedding a year away… and hoping my ex-best-friend is coping well, even if I don’t want to talk to him anymore.
My life is so strange. I like writing about everything, and having the rest of you see it as an observer… because I feel like I have absolutely no control over what happens to me, and I’M just an observer, TOO! (smile) I’ve even had to chance HOW I control my weight, because I can’t run anymore, and have cut caloric intake to make up for what I used to burn while running. I had to pop my right knee back into place last night (AGAIN) and it’s swollen today (AGAIN). The left foot feels like it’s healing; the tendons under the foot. But, I’ll continue to workout, watch what I eat, and stay as healthy as possible… until things are falling off!

March 18th, 2006
Saturday, 11.39 am

Talked to Karen this morning! Poor baby is sick! Sounds miserable!
I’m in between the 2 morning recs., so I’m in my cell until they do "count" (head count) and feed the bottom range, then WE’LL come back out to eat, and stay out for the second ½ of rec. until 3.45 am.

March 19th, 2006
Sunday, 10.13 am

I’m having an allergic reaction to something, and my arms are covered in hives. I tried to soothe it with aloe lotion... big mistake! Washed it off and put baby powder on it… much better, but still itches + stings.
Friday, they told us our laundry burnt up in the laundry room. They sent me a new laundry bag with 2 prison-issue towels inside. The one that burnt up had two navy blue towels and a pair of sweat pants (dark green) in it. So, anyway, I used one of the new towels and it hadn’t been washed yet, so I’m guessing I’m allergic to a chemical in tje new towels. I’ll have to send them out to be washed. If it’s NOT the new towels, I am going to be miserable until I figure out what it is!
I’ll be staying in from rec. this evening so I can get all of my mail out.
I’ll write more later today, after I’ve gotten some letters done.


March 20th, 2006
Monday, 10.00 pm

I just found "Sweden Med Stu’s" letter that I wrote to her on March 11th!!! (smile) Do you know what THAT letter said? It said I forgot to put her birthday card in the last envelope I sent to her. I left it under a book, as I was making sure it dried flat because I MADE the card. (It’s THIS reason I really HATE this cell! I had a cabinet that held all my paperwork!)
I’ll get all of this together oneday. (smile)

I talked to my new friend in West Virginia today. Her accent reminds me of my cousins… makes me feel comfortable. She said "I don’t WANT to have an accent", and it sounded so cute. Very disarming.

My rash is covered in hydrocortisone… and I’ve used 2 tubes of it already! The rash is on my arms, chest, stomach and legs. It itches a lot, but the hydrocortisone cream helps a lot. I’m almost out of it, and I’ll have to pay $3,00 to see a doctor to get more of it. I’ve had to get tubes of it from other inmates just to get through the weekend. It looks like it’s starting to heal, but it’s a slow progress!

I’m listening to Guns N’ Roses "Live era 87 – 93". This is what I was listening to when I was arrested in ’89. In fact, my last concert was in G-n-R and Aerosmith at Buckeye Lake in late summer/early autumn of ’88. Well, my last "REAL" rock concert! I went to bars with live bands, etc… even sang on New Years in a bar on Columbus; "Lying Eyes" by the Eagles… my mother was there with me.


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