Monday, February 20, 2006

Letter regarding full contact visits for Ohio's Death Row

To family and friends of Ohio Death Row Inmates,

There is currently a law suit pending regarding full-contact visitation for death row inmates. One obstacle the law suit faces is the fact that not very many inmates receive visits. If you have family or friends that either do not visit because of the restrictions placed on contact, or would visit more frequently if the restrictions on contact were removed, please have them send a letter to this address:

Current Resident
P.O. Box 127
Galloway, OH 43119

They could also send an e-mail to:

In the letter they should be sure to include their name, the inmate’s name that they would visit, their relationship with this inmate and the fact that they would visit OR visit more frequently if there wee no restrictions on contact.

As much support as possible is needed for this suit to be successful. So everyone’s contribution is important.

Thank you.


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