Sunday, February 12, 2006

Getting Fit

January 18th , 2006
Wednesday, 9.43 am

I’m listening to ”Win, Lose or Draw” by the Allman Brothers band. This song could be the theme song of the majority of the days in my cell.
”Stormy Monday” is on now… kind of fitting, it’s snowing really hard, and the sky is dark.
I went to rec. this morning; played a game of ”Scrabble” with Brett Hartman, then I took a shower and locked back up in my cell. I came back in to write to ”Sweden Med Stu” (I have 110 pages to answer!), but wanted to write a little in here first since I haven’t in a while.
I’m still working out almost every day. I’m losing a lot of weight, and I’ve lost another pant size: I’m down to a 36 inch waist, and headed for 34. I wish I could eat only tuna and veggies for 6 weeks… I’d get rid of all the fat! But, I’m doing good! Very few 40 year old men (41 in Feb) can run for over an hour straight, and do the workouts that I do! I’m PROUD of that! NO ONE in this pod can keep up with me when I run, and they’re jealous. I’m down to 205 lbs, and I have no intention of quitting. I’ll get to 190 lbs, then try to get to 205 lbs by adding 15 lbs of muscle.
Well, they’ve started moving guys to the ”Extended Privilege” block… and I probably won’t be included (EVER!). If I can’t be around my friends (L.L. and M.W.), I don’t want to go anyway. Once Brett and Freddy-”D” leave for the Ext. Priv. block, I’ll keep to myself. I’ll work out, shower and lock back up in my cell. I want to withdraw from the rest of the inmates, and be alone from now on. I’ll never seek another friend on death row (in prison) or offer my friendship. People only USE one another, and I won’t trust anyone in that way EVER again while I’m in prison. I’ll seek friends on the outside, and create my own world in which I’ll live; in my mind and in letters.
I have to run for an hour before lunch, so I’ll end here for now. I’ll write more later today if I’m not too worn out!

7.51 pm
I’m tired, but it’s a relaxed tired. Freddy-D worked out with me, and that gave me more time to rest between sets, so I’m not ”worn out”.
I received 36 more pages from ”Sweden Med Stu” today! Think I’ll EVER get it all answered? (SHEESH!) But, I like all the attention! I just wish we could talk once in a while and not have SO MUCH to convey in letters. But, one 15 minute phone call is seventy dollars (U.S.)!!! That’s just absurd! Most people’s MONTHLY phone bill is less than THAT! It’s friggin robbery!
Anyway, I also received a short note from ”Baston” today… so it was a good day for me. The only thing I received yesterday was the receipts (cash slips) for postage for the letter and painting I sent to my friend in Cincinnati, Ohio. ($ 2.70) Once that $ 2.70 was taken from my account, I was left with $ 4.28… just enough to buy 10 embossed envelopes, plus 10 two cent stamps for the postage hike, plus 2 more two cent stamps for the embossed envelopes I ALREADY had. 5 of them go to Brett, because I borrowed 10 and still owed him 5, and have 7 for myself. I have .04 cents left in my account until I get February’s prison pay ($17.00) in 3 weeks.
Speaking of envelopes and mail, I need to answer ”Sweden Med Stu”’s letters! I’m on page 3 of 146! Only 143 more to go! (Smile… sigh… smile some more)

Jan 24th, 2006
Tuesday, 11.43 pm

Fifty-six more pages! (*smile*) I’ve spent 2 hours reading all 3 letters. It’s nice to lie back and read about her world though. I just mailed out a letter to her (10 pages), which is all I can send per envelope. I added 2 extra pages (song lyrics + web printed page) and hoping it’ll be overlooked by the post office.
Well, I’m hearing comments on my weight loss! I make sure to run as often as I can. I ran 6 of 7 days this week, and I ran TWICE on Sunday! Today, I did pull-ups, dips, and push-ups from 8.30 am until 10 am… then, I ran 100 laps from 1.15 pm until 2.09 pm during the 2nd half of rec. Tomorrow, I’ll do curls, push-ups and backarm extensions in my cell after lunch, then I’ll do crunches during pm rec. (which I do EVERY Wed. + Sun.) and run 100 to 120 laps, and then do squats and lunges until I CAN’T anymore.
All I drink is orange juice and 8 oz. of milk for breakfast… then I drink only water all day long. I eat cereal (hot or cold), eggs, and/or peanut butter for breakfast. If peanut butter is served with hot cereal (oats/grits/cream of wheat) I just put it in the cereal and skip the bread. If not, I’ll put the 2 oz. of peanut butter on ONE piece of bread and eat it. Otherwise, I never eat the bread… nor the pancakes or waffles! (I CAN’T pass up the french toast! But, we only have that rarely!) I NEVER eat more than 2 pieces of bread in a day! I trade my deserts (cookies/cake/brownie etc) for fruits (apples/oranges/bananas etc). But, I eat all the meat I can get my hands on! I eat all of my veggies and anyone else’s when offered (almost daily).
Brett received a four book set of the Stephen King ”Dark Tower” series. I never had the opportunity to read the the first book: ”The Gunslinger”, so I refused to read the others out of turn. Now, I have ”The Gunslinger” sitting here on my desk. The really cool part? It’s revised and expanded, just like he did with ”The Stand”, so I’M not one of many people who will ”HAVE TO” re-read it! (*GRINS*) Brett’s getting a seven book set, also, so I’m hoping to buy the 4 book set for Sweden Med Stu; an avid King fan, also.
Well, it’s past my bedtime. Lots to do tomorrow… need my sleep!
’nite ya’ll

January 29th, 2006
Sunday, 10.02 pm

I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy. I need a break for a while. But, I have to get this in the mail to ”Sweden Med Stu” by 10.30 pm… I just wanted to write for a moment.
I have to see a doctor. My foot is beginning to hurt like it used to do, I’ll ask for a cortisone shot… and I need ibuprofen for my spine and joints, and a backbrace for my lower back. I SHOULD have the bones fused in my lower back, but I’d rather have the disks replaced. This is prison, and being a death row inmate, they would rather do it the cheapest way possible.
Well, I’m out of time!


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