Thursday, February 09, 2006

Donating a Kidney

Jan. 31st, 2006
Tuesday, 2.24 am


I received a card with a painting in watercolours of a sunset. This is what was written inside of the card;

I am writing to you in hopes
my prayer will be answered.
My brother needs a kidney.
He has two young boys. He is
frail & can’t write on his
own behalf. Please spread
the word & if anyone can help
us, please write back
(signed by his sister)

I don’t know if a kidney donor has to ”match” some specifics (i.e. blood type etc) or what, but I’ve already decided that I WILL donate my kidney IF physically possible… AND if the State of Ohio allows me to do it. If I’m an acceptable donor, I’ll ask the Governor for his approval.
I’ve already written a short letter to her, and asked ”specifics”.
You may ask; ”Does he know her/him?” The answer is ”NO”. I’ve never heard of this person, but she has the name of one of the Brady Bunch girls (FULL, ”REAL”, NAME). (Found it odd that I would KNOW that! But there’s a REASON I know her name, she was the one I was in love with!)
So, why would a death row inmate donate a kidney to a perfect stranger? Well… #1) I owe some lives… #2)practice what you preach about love… #3) because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO… and #4) it all comes back to leaving behind those ”good ripples” once again (maybe those kids get a needed ”moment with Dad” that makes the difference in their lives).
I don’t have to be what society EXPECTS me to be, and I choose to exercise the unconditional love in my heart. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know the person… only that I answer to the call of God’s love.

Jan. 31st, 2006
Tuesday, 11.45 am

I was supposed to be out for lunch at 11.30 am but they RARELY ever get us out on time.
I’m listening to an oldies station… they’re playing Jan + Dean. Got to love beach music!

11.55 am… 25 minutes late. We lose time “out of cell” like this on a regular basis.

12.25 pm
Baked fish, egg noodles, lima beans and peaches. I like the fish here because they do not “bread” it! Just a light seasoning.
I wish I could eat fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon, kippered herring, sardines etc) everyday! It’s sold on the commissary… but um… yeah. RIGHT!!! It’d cost 60-70 dollars to do that per month.
Speaking of this, I might as well give you all some dieting advice;

  • Eat no more than 2 pieces of bread per day, and make it some type of whole grain (high in fiber).
  • Eat fish, turkey, BAKED chicken instead of red meats.
  • Wrap lettuce around stuff for a sandwich instead of bread.
  • Eat only the egg white, and not the yolks.
  • Use mustard, hot sauce and/or salsa instead of mayonnaise or ketchup.
  • Use vinegar and olive oil instead of salad dressings high in fat and cholesterols.
  • And eat 4 to 6 times a day (smaller amounts), instead of 3 heavy meals. This will increase your metabolism.
  • Eat fruits and drink lot of water between meals.

If you can do THAT, and run for ½ hour each day (or walk 1 hour), you will see 2 things happen at the start of the 2nd week; you’ll have more energy and THINK more clearly (fish fats are brain-healthy foods). By the fourth week you’ll need new pants! At this point, you’ll want to exercise more! Because you’ll feel SO GOOD about yourself !
I feel REAL GOOD about MYSELF! I’m 41 years old in 11 days, and I’ve rebuilt my body once again. Those who are about my age understand how good I must feel to have muscles, energy, and to be as limber + flexible as I am! I want to LIVE the rest of my life AS BEST AS I CAN! All I have to do I trade my bad habits for good ones. It all comes down to self-discipline!

2.18 pm
Freddy “D” asked if I needed anything from commissary. I asked for some stamps (embossed envelopes). I know he meant food, so I won’t go hungry at night, as we ALL get on somedays… but, I need stamps… I only have one left.
Another inmate is buying two .02 cents stamps for two embossed envelope (that need the extra postage [for the postage hike]) that someone sent to me.
I’ll get the $17.00 statepay next week. I already owe out $2.00 of it.
They’ve made it so I can receive U.S. money orders from ANYONE, instead of only those on my visiting list, and there’s no one left who cares. Ironic, huh?
I had friends who used to send money to my mother, and then she’d send it to me. When she died, I had friends who forged a name to send money to me. All those friends are gone… and NOW they change the rules! Gee… THANKS! (smile :)
They make visiting BETTER and EASIER… but, now, my kids are grown, one’s gone… my mom, sister and aunts are all gone… and I’m left with an empty life. Sometimes, my sorrows are completely suffocating! Sometimes, I find a reason to smile.

10.07 pm
I came in from rec. at 9.45 pm, and just finished ironing my pants. Everyone else turned their pants into the laundry, but they have sweatpants and shorts and extra pairs of prison pants. I have one pair of pants, and one pair of shorts, and I can’t go 48 hours with only my shorts to wear! So, I washed my pants in a bucket, hung them on my fan to dry, and ironed them. My pants are clean and pressed, and ready to wear… everyone else will wait 48 hours to get their pants back!
Well, I have to get this ready to mail out by 10.30 pm.
‘nite, ya’ll!
God Bless!


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