Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Letter I was sent.

Dear Duke:
I saw a link to your webpage asking for penpals on the internet. I also found the following about your crime on the Ohio District Attorney website:
On 5/8/89, Donald L. Palmer Jr. and an accomplice murdered and robbed a driver of a pickup truck whom Palmer got into an accident with on County Road 2 near Glen Robbins Road in Belmont county. Palmer shot the driver twice in the head and dumped the body and pickup truck in a nearby field. Palmer additionally murdered and robbed another motorist who stopped at the scene of the accident. Palmer hot the motorist twice in the head and left the body and vehicle at the scene. Palmer confessed to police.
I’m curious, what on earth can you possibly share with the world? I’m sure you do enjoy living. Just as those two people you murdered enjoyed their lives before you took them needlessly and selfishly.
You’ve been on death row for 14 years it seems. That’s plenty of time to discover your personal views on the afterlife. Why not drop your appeals and be a man for a change? Your victims deserve to rest in peace.


A Citizen For Swift Justice


Blogger Natalia said...

I agree with the letter you received. It is not as if you did not earn your way into prison. You committed crimes, now you're doing the time. You claim to believe in God, quit your appeals and go home to Him, then. Your entire blog is so self-centered and mendacious, I am appalled that you're even allowed to have a blog. What have you as a person done to earn even a little bit of freedom that can be found in a blog? I truly do not understand the reasoning of your prison system. You complain about the bulls in charge yet somehow you're allowed to regale society with your views of the world and bore the rest of us with the tedium of your life. What utter balls you have, condemning the system for doing what they are supposed to do (execute the criminals, not allow you to celebrate holidays, etc.) and yet here you are, rambling on and on on a blog. What an ungrateful human? being you are.

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