Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Demons and Reason

Demons and Reason
By "Duke" Palmer
Woke up today and found myself in a prison cell.
Just like yesterday, and every day
for the past sixteen years in this concrete hell.
Every night I pray to wake from this fucked up dream,
here I chase my past, and look for love at last,
tasting tears in a silent scream.
Tears flow into the scream, and it tastes like venom. Poisoned dreams flow in and out of reality, and my reality is a nightmare. Alone. Abandoned. Forgotten. The volume of the voice in my head gets louder and louder, and I hate what it tells me. I’m afraid of it… of my own mind speaking to itself… of itself. It tells me the tears are the poison escaping my wretched soul, because of the hatred for those who’ve crucified my love for them. And the dreams are only the reality I wish inflicted upon those teachers of treachery and deceit, for the gift of my pain.
I’m a cold sweat, I woke to reason, in the early hours before dawn. Reason tells me to still the voices. That reality is a state of mind. Nightmares are only fears you allow yourself to believe. That I sent my love into a void, expecting the void to give what it doesn’t have to give. The only love I lost was the love I gave… I’ve only myself to blame. I received exactly what a void has to offer; nothing. Reason tells me to call back my love, keep it within me, and the one worthy of it will seek it out.
Yeah, right… whatever!


Blogger An ex-con said...

There are no words that can use that will be of any use to you,except to say that I am doing everything possible to fight against the barbaric sentence of death,on any individual.
If there is ever anything that you wish particular atention drawn to I will do my best to spread the news.I belong to over 500 Yahoo,Go gle and MSN groups.I post to them frequently,and could care less about public opinion,God,I feel is on my side.

6:04 PM  

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