Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Painting and Classic Country

Sept 4th 2005


I’ve been sitting here at my desk since 10.30am, painting and doing fantasy football paperwork. I painted 3 paintings, (11x14” outside, with the actual painting (71/2” x9/12” inside most of the frame)

One is a lighthouse on the water, one is a wilderness waterfall and one is a barn with an old dirt road leading to it with a wooden rail fence enclosure beside the barn, and alongside the road. I like the lighthouse’s colours……….and the waterfall’s overall picture, the best.
The barn painting is on the “plain” side, but that’s what I was going for. Reminds me of the farms where I’m from………especially the hills in the background. The sky on the lighthouse painting turned out great! Purples and blues………..worked out well! I had to squeeze some white paint, and some “slow blend” acrylic medium into the yellow paint bottle and shook it up until I had enough to do the light on the lighthouse. It worked. Can’t believe I have to go to the end of November before I get some yellow paint. I’m going to have to draw instead of painting for awhile.
Imagine that!!! “Knock 3 Times”, just came on the Country Classics……..ironic, huh? Seems I was just talking about that at 2-3am this morning!! I haven’t heard that song in YEARS!!

Sunday night, Country Classics………..it’s Sunday’s that I live for.


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