Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Letter from Kenny Richey Re John Spirko

7 September 05

I have known John Spirko for over 19 years. John was one of the first friends I made when I first came to death row.

John has always been a decent and kind guy who has been known to go out of his way to help others.

I have read John's case, and the only conclusion I can come to with all certainty is that John Spirko is unequivocally innocent.

As John has often told me and I have always agreed,

"An innocent man is a dangerous man to the state of Ohio"

Unfortunately In order to cover up up the wrongful conviction of John Spirko the state of Ohio must murder John thereby hiding the truth forever.

And Unfortunately the greatest crime is not that the state of Ohio will murder an innocent man, the greatest crime is that the people of Ohio will allow them to do it.

This is not justice for the Mottinger family either. They have also endured much pain and torture over these years but they have been lied to by over zealous prosecutors, a lying postal inspector and an Attorney General who does not appear to know what the words fairness and justice really mean.

So if John Spirko is innocent, which I believe with all my heart he is, this means there is a murderer who has got away with the "perfect crime" then he or they have been assisted by the State of Ohio in achieving this!!

I so firmly believe that John Spirko is innocent that I would gladly bet my life on that fact.

Pontius Pilate Petro and his overzealous quest to look good for Ohio voters couldn't care less if he executes an innocent man.

Pontius Pilate Petro like most officials who work within the Ohio judicial system are nothing more than a blight upon society in their arrogant self righteous manner, they will gladly execute an innocent man and secretly pat each other on the back instead of acting with honour like real men and standing up and admitting when they are wrong.

Sooner or later the injustices that these foul bastards inflict upon innocent people, will come back to strike them down.

They shall reap what they sow for the innocent shall only suffer so much.

Stand Strong John, our thoughts are with you.

Kenny Richey


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