Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Labor Day("no mail day") and The Response to Katrina

Sept 5th 2005


Today is "Labor Day" in the U.S.............just another "no mail" day for me. That which is a holiday for society is a day of punishment for inmates. Every holiday is a "no mail" day.

Tomorrow is my ex-wife's birthday......it'll be a sad one for her. I wrote her a letter, made her a card, and can't post it until tomorrow, because no mail on Saturdays or holidays. I don't even know if she will be home to recieve it.

I ended up not going to bed until 2AM, and I just woke up a few minutes ago. Had dreams all night. Without getting into it, lets just say I woke up and was forced to see how pathetic my life is. You know it's bad when TV characters are "your friends" in your dreams. (SHEESH!)

Well, since I din't go to bed until 2AM, I need to clean my cell. It's still a mess from last night. So, I'll do that, then jump in the shower and shave this two-day growth off my face. I see about three things I want to touch up on these paintings, so I'll probably do that before I go to rec at 4pm.


On the issue of race and the response to "Katrinia, what you are seeing is the segregation of blacks as far as class goes. Racial bias, even in the mixed culture in New Orleans, is a persistant cause of suffering for blacks. The black faces you see on television are predominant because those who were unable to drive away, or pay for passage out of the area, or have a PLACE TO GO, where UNABLE to leave. Racial bias makes it hard for people to make a living, usually living from paycheck to paycheck. It forces the poor to live in areas they can walk to work, and to the shops.

All the black faces you see from the hurricaine are victims TWICE!! They are forced into menial jobs by racism, and were too poor to get out of the path of the killer storm.

The only question, (I think) is hard to answer is, Was the response to New Orleans slow because the majority of the victims where black.or, was it because they were just unprepared to deal with such a massive tragedy? the only think I WILL say about this is, "Where the hell did all the money go for dealing with terrorism here in the US? Why wasn't those agencies responding to THIS catastrophe? And, THANK GOD it wasnt Al Quaeda that blew down the levee!! Oh thats right, there's no Bush in office in Louisianna!
There was a report that a military helicopter was shot at, while trying to evacuate people from the Super Dome, and the helicopter left! Geez! God forbid the victims there weren't marines on the ground in Iraq!! Because THOSE helicopters get shot at EVERYDAY!!

This country is in BIG trouble if a dirty bomb goes off....especially in a highly black populated area!



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