Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moving to Myspace

From now on all of Dukes new blogs will be on his new myspace. This site will be an archive and will be kept for people to read and help them find his new site. He felt myspace would give him more exposure so please come visit and join his my friends to keep updated on Duke. You can also see me and my family there. Click link below:

Hope to see you there!!

Thanks, Deb


August 14th, 2006
Monday (12:14 p.m.)

Didn't wake up until they opened my cell door for lunch. Told the guard to let all the other guys out first and come back and get me last. Had to get dressed and wash my face etc.

I was dreaming, and I didn't want to get up. Can't remember what I was dreaming about, but I was enjoying whatever life it was I was living in it. I know I wasn't in prison, and was enjoying the company in my dream.

It's strange that I can still dream about riding in a car, sitting in a restaurant, or being in a house. After 17 years of prison cells, steel and concrete, you'd think I'd forget how to dream about such things, but I often find myself in a childhood home with my mother, or at my uncle's house in Columbus, Ohio. I dream about my mother, my sister, and Jeffrey (my son) just as often as I do my living family. I even dream about my cousin, John, though we haven't spoken since 1989.


August 13th, 2006
Sunday (8:11 p.m.)

I'm watching the Cincinnati Bengals (at home) against the Washington Redskins. I took the Bengals head-up for a stamp (embossed envelope= .42 cents), even though the starting quarterback, Carson Palmer, won't be playing. The home team wins about 66% of the time in pre-season games, so I took Cincinnati. Something to cheer about and make the game more fun. Besides, I've been right about every game so far this year.

Had a visit Friday. Prudence ("Death Row Ministry") came to see before she leaves the area for a year or so. Had a good time. I hope she makes it back here every now and again.

(11:13 p.m.)

Cincinnati beat Washington 19-3. Now I can tease Smitty for awhile when he comes out for rec.

I fell asleep at halftime and woke up with 3 minutes left in the game. It was 12-3 at halftime, so I didn't miss a whole lot.


August 7th, 2006
Monday (11:51 a.m.)

A new phone system goes into effect today. It'll take 48 hours before "APPROVED PHONE NUMBERS" go into the system. This is such bullshit! I can no longer call up friends or cousins once a year to say "Happy Birthday" or "Merry Christmas" unless they happen to be one of the 15 people entered into my "APPROVED LIST". One more freedom taken away. Hell, it takes 48 hours just to get a phone number into the system.

This comes on the heels of not being able to get through to Debbie last night, and the earliest I'll get through to her (according to the system) will be 48 hours from the time I dial her phone number today.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Wednesday (10:47 p.m)
July 26th, 2006

I just got myself out of bed at 10:15 a.m. I had to buy a new fan because my last one burnt up (motor), and I finally received it yesterday. I had the fan blowing on me all night, with the jazz station playing softly, and I slept better than I have in over 2 months.

I watched a couple of deer grazing in the field outside the perimeter fence last night for a little while before I went to bed.

I like being able to see the kind of woods that are like the ones where I'm from. It is probably due to the fact that I'm only 2 counties north of Seven Lake Hollow. So close, yet so far away! Almost 2 decades removed.

Debbie lives "up the holler", and she knows what it means to "come home". It's the smell, the hills, and the laid back attitude of the community. I'd be just as comfortable where she lives as she would be at Seven Lake Hollow.

It's strange to sit here and know that I will probably never see "home" again, yet allow myself to entertain such thoughts. I want to feel the bark of a tree, grass beneath my barefeet, moss on a stone, and smell the earth. It's a primal need in me, and I feel like something less than "living" without it. It's very hurtful to my soul. There's a REASON why we find the sounds of nature to be soothing; ocean surf and seagulls, babbling brooks, crickets/toads/frogs chriping, birds singing, rain and thunder...these are the things we take quiet notice of as participants of life, and being separated from these things for 17 years is a punishment that leaves me feeling less than alive.

(10:07 p.m)

Getting ready to send this out to Debbie. She's headed to South Carolina for a week at the beach, so I need to get this out. She's sending me $20.00 so I can order some real food from the fund drive/food sale for charity. Chili-cheese fries, onion rings and shrimp. It'll be delivered on August 16th...Jeffrey's birthday, and the one year anniversary of his death.

I remember saying that I wished a year would pass so I could be removed from all that pain last year. I feel I've moved on, and I'm doing well, but I still carry the scars, and I know I always will...but, I'll be okay.


Helping others

Tuesday (12:09 p.m)
July 18th, 2006

I just came from lunch (fish, pasta, green beans, tangerines). I'm listening to the jazz station, but it's barely coming in. I really wish it'd come in clear...their kind of music relaxes me and helps me to concentrate.
Debbie was here to see me Sunday. I really needed the time with her. I can be who I really am with her, instead of "being an inmate". I think that's what I fear most about being alone in prison; losing the part of myself what loves, and needs to be loved.

Society has thrown me away, and has decided that I'm unfit for life. Then, I find someone who says "I think you're great, and the world is wrong about you", and find it redeemingly powerful. It moves my spirit, and testifies to how beautiful love is.

She renews my spirit, and gives me the hope and courage I need to face another day. She doesn't even know how much I need her.

Anyway, I had a nice time with her. Wish I could crawl through the 6" x 18" opening to be with her! (smile!)
I sent 3 more paintings home with her. Hoping another one sells soon.

Speaking of being alone in prison, and painting, etc., there are two guys in the pod who don't have anone to care for them. One guy lost his girl back around February (I think), and is living on $16.00 a month. I see the haunted look and hurt in his face, and I know what he feels; laone, tired, hopelessness and thinking about ending his appeals. He needs to find someone to show him that he matters. It'd be great to see him find someone to send him $10.00-$20.00 a month, maybe visit him once in awhile. If you've interested in making a difference in his life, please write to him at;

Lawrence Reynolds #A296-121
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

He goes by "Larry".

The second guy hasn't had anyone since he's been in prison. He has a few penpals, but he never asks for money, or lets them know he needs any! He's lost penpals simply because he couldn't afford to write to them. These 2 guys never get mail! The second guy's name is Steve Smith, but we call him "Smitty". He comes to my cell door when I'm painting and reminds me of a kid looking in the window of a toy store. He draws, and wishes he had paints, or better supplies to draw with. Anyone can order his supplies by doing so on-line, but only from a list of pre-approved items,. and only form Anyone interested in ordering Steve some are supplies may do so by asking Debbie to email you the list of supplies and your order them online with a credit card and have it shipped directly to;

Steve Smith #A369-054
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

The order will be approximately $50.00.
Steve could also use a friend to write, visit and/or send him $10.00 or $20.00 a month.
Anyone who pays for Steve's art order may have their pick from my paintings (that Debbie is selling) as my gift for their kindness.

Please make a difference in the lives of these two men. Show them that they matter.
On that note; "Thank you, Debbie... for making a difference in my life".



Sunday (11:39 p.m)
July 9th, 2006

I'm listening to WKSU once again. I like alot of the music they're playing tonight. If you would like to hear some of this music you can find it at, and you can look up to find lists of songs aired on the weekends to see what I'm listening to. But, for tonight, I'd like you to look up a song titled "ZIPPY" by Michael Smith at It really made me laugh. I'm glad I'm sober now.

Talked to Debbie a couple of times today. Her first grandchild arrived on June 29th, and she has been with her daughter and grandchild ever since! (smile!) I pick on her and call her "Granny" or "Mamaw". It's fun... and I'm just an ass sometimes! Anyways, she is going to come visit next weekend and bring me a catalog so I can order a pair of frames for my next pair of eyeglasses. Finally, I get to get out from under these ugly glasses! I'm going to be SO freaking happy! If I were a free man, the first thing I'd do is have laser surgery on my eyes! I put my old glasses over top of the ones I wear now, and I can see perfectly. I can see butterflies and flowers in the field beyond the perimeter fence, and details in the trees I havent been able to see for years. The world is beautiful when you can actually see it.
Well, the folk music went off (midnight on Sunday nights), so WRMU (91.1 fm) should have jazz on now. Time to put jazz on, nice and low, and go to bed. My dreams have background music, like the movies! (smile!)

Goodnight, ya'll!
Sleep with angels!

Friday, June 09, 2006


May 2nd, 2006
Tuesday, 7:45 a.m.

What's going through Joe's mind right now? Is he praying? Is he crying? Is he aware that we're all thinking of him this morning? Is it as beautiful a morning in Lucasville as it is here? Did they let him smoke while he was there?

I believe executions are carried out around 10 a.m. My guts are twisted up inside of me, and I could cry if I allowed myself. If it weren't my day to clean the showers. I wouldn't even go out for rec, but I'll do my share.
I love you, Joe. God Speed.

11:00 p.m.

The execution was delayed for about an hour because Joe's vein collapsed. An hour more of extreme anxiety.

With lethal injection being scrutinized for the drugs being used, how they're used, and whether or not the person is being tortured before death, I have other issues for the courts to consider; #1) The person who inserts the needle and/or administers the drugs must, by law, be licensed by the state to practice medicine. #2) Any person who inserts the needle to be used to put another person to his/her death violates the Hippocratic oath no harm...and should be reported to the American Medical Association to have their license revoked. #3) Anyone who inserts the needle or administers drugs WITHOUT a medical license is guilty of practicing medicine without a licence, and punishable by law (for which the penalty is much higher if such actions lead to a fatality).

The test of "cruel and unusual" has been hampered by the word "and" because a showing of Both, CRUEL and UNUSUAL must be shown. In the past "UNUSUAL" never stands because it is NOT unusual in the U.S. to execute those convicted and sentenced to death. But, "UNUSUAL" would stand if it were applied to global standards! The U.S. flies in the face of the world's democracies, and holds itself above the world view of human rights.
Self-righteous, arrogant, spiteful America! I love my country...but I hate my government and our uneducated society.

May 8th, 2006
Monday, 10:00 p.m.

Seventeen years ago, today, my reactions destroyed four families; The Sponhaltz family, the Vargo/Stone family, the Hill/Nogy family, and my own family. No one really knows how sorry I really am. I was extremely sorry even before I was arrested. As I watched my kids grow up without a father, I got to see some of the stuff Mr. Sponhaltz's and Mr. Vargo's children must have gone through. I thought of Mr. Sponholtz's children every year in May, because he was returning chairs borrowed for his child's birthday on May 8th, 1989. I am so, so really sorry. That child grew-up with birthdays reminding him of his father's death. That child's mother trying to be strong for the child every May. Mr. Vargo's son was waiting to be taken to baseball practice.

I've always wanted to say "I'm sorry" to their families. Knowing it'll never be enough, but wishing to say it anyway. I never wanted to cause them MORE pain by writing to them.

I see my kids struggling to make their way through life without me. I can only hope Mr. Sponhaltz's and Mr. Vargo's children will find their way without THEIR fathers.

I would trade my life to undo the past. I'll end up giving my life for revenge. But, maybe my execution is necessary in order for the Sponhaltz and Vargo/Stone families to understand that hating me isn't the answer, nor the way to find peace. Maybe they'll figure that out once there's no one to hate anymore.

I never set out to kill Mr. Sponhaltz and Mr. Vargo. I never meant to kill anyone. But, I can't undo May 8th, 1989. I can only believe I am forgiven by God and go forward in my life. This is the 17th year I've felt all of this, and have thought of, and prayed for, both families. May God continue to bless them, and send His peace and comfort to each and everyone of them.


May 15th, 2006
Monday, 9:00 a.m.

I've just had a great weekend! I visited with Debbie for 3 hours on Sat. and 6 hours on Sunday (yesterday). I feel like I'm 11-12 years old again! She makes me nervous, and I actually find myself stammering...and I smile almost continuously throughout the visits.

In alot of ways, she makes me feel comfortable, in other ways, I get nervous because I'm conscious of everything I'm doing and saying. I hear myself stammer and, inside, I'm thinking, "Oh! Yeah! You're just SO cool! Bonehead! What? Are you 12?" (smile!) And when we kiss, I feel the blood rushing to my face (among other parts of my anatomy) and I really feel like a kid again. It was like learning to kiss all over again, and the physical reactions suddenly remembered, and shocked that I had forgotten the sensation! 17 years is a long, long time. I had my last kiss when I was 24...I'm 41 now...and kissing makes me feel like I'm 12 again. I've been givin back just this one little part of life about 15 years too late. I spent the past 10 years under the most cruel visiting policy Ohio's death row has ever seen, and it created stressful visits, and put people off of visiting us. We lost our close bonds with family, and those 10 years have done permanant damage to our relationships. My kids are 21 and (soon to be) 23...they'll never be 11 and 13 again, or any of the ages in between. Now, it's too late. They have adult lives to live.

I LOVE that I get to hold hands and kiss, and eat with my visitors. And, while I've done my best to stay in my children's lives, I wish I could've kept them close to me and stayed involved in their lives. They deserved to have a father. The visiting policy made it next to impossible. While I know that my kids love me, I also know they've learned to get along without me.

Now, with this new-relationship on the horizon, I'll make the best of what I have left. Could be that my best days are yet to come. In any case, she sure makes me hope so!


May 22nd, 2006
Monday, 10:15 p.m.
I've received numberous articles about Joe Clark from "Canton". They botched the execution BADLY.

In letters from his family to Freddy, I've learned there was an autopsy, and an investigation by the family's attorney is under way. Joe had over 30 needle punctures according the the autopsy. At one point Joe asked if there was something he could take orally to "finish this".


May 29th, 2006
Monday, 12:02 p.m.
Just came back to my cell after eating lunch. While most people are barbecuing in the backyard, or having a picnic somewhere with family and friends, I'm eating mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, bread and a banana. The gravy had some shredded meat in it, but not enough to call that a meal!

It's 90 degrees (F) outside, so it's a good day for the pools to open for the summer.

Tomorrow is Brian's birthday. He'll be 23 years old. He was about to turn 6 when I was arrested. I was only a year older then Brain, 24. I've DONE a life sentence. These past 17 years have taken away who I "wanted" to be, and have forced me to give up everything I loved. It's very had to understand how all these years of heartache, and having my life emptied of everything and everyone I've ever known, just isn't punishment enough. By the time they execute me, I know that a very big part of me will just want to be released from this existence...while another part of me will be sad that I was never given a second chance in this life.

It hurts to have overcome drugs and alcohol, and to have the understanding and respect I have for life now, and still be considered "unfit to live". Yet, I still strive to be a better person in spite of it all.

I hope Brian is ten times the person I've become. I hope honor and pride drive his motives, love and compassion rule his heart, wisdom and fairness rule his mind, and that he sees life's beauty, both; in its triumphs as well as its tragedies. Most of all, I hope he loves completely, and finds someone to love him in that "forever" kind of way. (Hi, Nikki!)



April 30th, 2006
Sunday, 11:39 p.m.

I had my first kiss, in over 16 years, today. From Joe leaving the pod, to my first kiss in ages...I live with extreme ups and downs. My friend being executed and the beginning of a new relationship. When I taste life it's in huge mouthfuls! But, even in these circumstances, life still has magic in is a wonderous thing.

I've had my feelings hurt recently, by two very close friends, and my promise to write (in/for) my blog was broken because I didn't want to complain about life. At least I'll be here to just seems petty in comparsion. And, now, I just want to move on without the drama of confrontation.

As for "HER", she is exploring reconcillation with her youngest child's father, and I wish her well...especially for the child's sake. That little girl loves her father, and needs him in her life. I'd rather see the child happy. But, all in all, I'm just glad time passes and the hurt goes away. I have someone new who seems to understand my circumstances, and still wants to walk along side with me. That's all I EVER wanted, someone to accept me as I am, to belong to someone's heart. I think I've sound what I've been looking for. In any case, I've found a place to begin anew.

A toast;

"To huge mouthfuls!"


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Joe Clark

Joe and his nephew.

April 24th, 2006
Monday, 11:39 p.m.

Joe went out to the main visiting room today and spent about 8 hours with over 20 family members. They took 2 rolls of film (photos). He got to run around the place, spar with his nephew, hug his mother, etc.

When he came back he was in a good mood. I said, "I bet it was really good to hug your mom!" And, just for an instant I got a look at Joe Clark as a kid. His answer was in an expression, and I turned away before we both started crying. My heart leaped into my throat because of Joe's expression, and the thought of my own mother and the fact that I'll never get to hug her again.

Anyway, Joe's family read scripture, and said their goodbyes, and Joe looks to be calm considering the week ahead of him.

As for me, I tremble inside like a child, knowing how wrong it is to kill this man. He's not the man that committed those crimes two decades ago. He is my friend and I've spent the past 17 years with him. This is just so wrong.


April 28th, 2006
Friday, 11:21 p.m.

Last night, around 9:30 p.m., I gave Joe Clark a hug. As the other 3 guys lined up to do the same, I made a beeline for my cell so no one could see me cry.

I woke up at 5 0'clock this morning as Dave went out to get his insulin shot, and I couldn't go back to sleep. I was up, singing with the radio on. At 7:35, they came to get Joe to take him to the isolation cell until it's time to take him to Lucasville (S.O.C.F.).

He made 3 trips up and down the stairs, and on his last trip he stopped at Dave's cell, then Freddy D's, then mine. By the time he got to my cell we were all crying.

How's THAT for a picture of "THE WORST OHIO HAS TO OFFER"?

Want to know what torture is? Torture is taking everything a man loves away from him, forcing him to live with strangers under a death sentence, watching him befriend the others in the same situation, spend 15-25 years in close quarters with those people until they are closer to them than blood-relations, and then taking them away to be murdered, one by one, as your turn closes in.

Joe left me some stuff before he left, 3 t-shirts, 2 towels, a blanket, plastic trashcan, plastic bowl, poker chips, etc. etc... and I'll have most of it until it's my turn to give it away, probably. But, today at 3 p.m., after my shower, I put on one of the shirts he left me, and it smelled like him.

This is a nightmare that I can't wake up from. The world looks retarded from this viewpoint. Is it really compassionate than the majority of a society that supports this madness? Wake up, America!!! PLEASE tell me I'm leaving my children to a better world than THIS!

Those of you who live in Ohio and support the death penalty are personally responsible for the murder of Joseph L. Clark, with prior calculation and premeditation, to take place on the morning of May 2nd,2006. Those of you who do not support the death penalty, but do not vote in elections, are guilty of standing by and watching it happen! Because, it is on behalf of Ohio citizens that the State of Ohio murders human beings. The power is in your hands to change laws! The blood is on your hands until you do.

Shame on you.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Doctors don't belong on execution team

Doctors don't belong on execution teamBy JONATHAN I. GRONER
A PROCEDURE that should have taken less than 15 minutes - administering a death sentence by lethal injection to convicted killer Joseph Clark of Toledo - instead took the State of Ohio almost an hour and a half.
Although the execution team struggled to place an intravenous catheter (commonly called an "IV") in a vein in Clark's arm, it was Clark himself who first noticed that something was terribly wrong. Three to four minutes into his May 2 execution, Clark felt pain in his arm as the lethal drugs collected under his skin instead of flowing into his vein.
Several times he raised his head and said, "It don't work. It don't work." Prison officials then halted the execution and closed the curtains of the death chamber. The execution team inserted needles at multiple locations on Clark's body in attempts to secure a new IV.
During this 40-minute interval witnesses heard "moaning, crying out, and guttural noises," and Clark even requested an oral dose of poison to end his misery. Finally, a suitable vein was found, a new IV was inserted, and Clark was executed again, this time successfully.
Clark's problems were not unique. Despite assertions that lethal injection is as easy as "just going to sleep," many lethal injection executions have gone awry. Several inmates have been subjected to the same "needle torture" as Clark, and a few have reacted violently to the lethal drugs.
Others have faced "technical problems," including an IV inserted backwards in one case, and the IV tubing coming apart in another.
There is at least one case where an inmate was cut in the groin and ankle - and bled profusely - during an attempt by poorly trained technicians to place an IV through a surgical incision, a procedure known as a "cutdown" in medical terms.
The reason for these complications is that lethal injection uses medical procedures without medical professionals.
Furthermore, Clark's troubles were entirely predictable. Any doctor who has encountered intravenous drug abusers knows that former heroin addicts like Clark, who probably gave himself thousands of injections during his life, often have scarring in all their visible veins and may require the skills of a physician (and sometimes a surgeon) for the simple task of starting an IV.
In fact, in an execution in Georgia in 2000, nurses worked for 45 minutes without success to place an IV in a former heroin addict.
Ultimately, a doctor stepped in to place a "central venous line" (a specialized IV inserted into a large vein that drains directly to the heart) in order to carry out the lethal injection.
So why is it wrong to bring physicians into the death chamber?
That question is being debated in many states, including California, Missouri, and North Carolina.
The American Medical Association has long opposed physician participation in capital punishment, stating that a physician shall not perform "an action which would assist, supervise, or contribute to the ability of another individual to directly cause the death of the condemned."
The AMA also prohibits "monitoring vital signs on site or remotely (including monitoring electrocardiograms)" at an execution.
Furthermore, the AMA specifically addresses lethal injection, forbidding "selecting injection sites; starting intravenous lines as a port for a lethal injection device; prescribing, preparing, administering, or supervising injection drugs or their doses or types; inspecting, testing, or maintaining lethal injection devices; and consulting with or supervising lethal injection personnel."
The AMA's guidelines are derived from a fundamental tenet of medical ethics: physicians, because of their training in the healing arts, wield enormous power over their fellow human beings.
Therefore, physicians have a social contract with society to use their unique knowledge and skills only for good and never to cause harm.
This concept, often cited as "first, do no harm," has long been a cornerstone of medicine, and has directed the medical profession to work for the benefit of society. Even when a single physician violates these ethical rules, the status of the medical profession is degraded.
During the early years of my surgery career, I thought little about the role of physicians in capital punishment.
That changed in 1997, when Arkansas executed three men on the same night.
Reading about the triple lethal injection, where each inmate lay down on a gurney, had IVs placed in each arm and heart monitor leads on his chest, and was then sent off to eternal sleep with large doses of anesthetic drugs, I was struck by how the proceedings seemed eerily similar to a typical day in the operating room.
In fact, with a little research, I found that virtually all the equipment used in lethal injection, from the heart monitor and stretcher all the way down to the alcohol wipes and medical tape, are the same items I used in the hospital. In fact, an "execution protocol" reads like a medical procedure manual.
Lethal injection, I discovered, turned the instruments that I used to save lives into instruments of death.
When I was a surgery resident, I heard a lecture about Robert Jay Lifton, who studied the corruption of physicians in Nazi Germany. Mr. Lifton described how physicians were recruited by the government to kill physically and mentally disabled patients, including the "criminally insane."
In this program, which predated the death camps, the killing facilities were designed on a medical model, and the killing, whether by poison gas, lethal drugs, or other methods, was supervised by doctors. The euthanasia program's chief administrator often stated, "The syringe belongs in the hand of a physician."
Today, at executions in the United States, doctors are increasingly being asked to hold the lethal syringe.
In Connecticut, for example, a "licensed and practicing physician" must certify the qualifications of the person starting the IV and infusing the drugs; in Missouri, a board-certified surgeon places a central venous line into each inmate before execution, and in California, a judge recently asked that two anesthesiologists monitor the inmate during the lethal injection.
Finally, in numerous states, physicians monitor vital signs or electrocardiograms at executions, even though this is also forbidden by the AMA's ethical guidelines.
Thus, Joseph Clark's execution demonstrates the terrible dilemma of lethal injection as medical charade.
On the one hand, this "medicalized" killing procedure, which uses IV tubing, anesthetic drugs, and other medical equipment, becomes torture in the hands of unqualified individuals.
On the other hand, the involvement of medical professionals such as physicians and nurses in executions violates the fundamental ethics of these professions. When medical professionals forsake their ethics, as the Nazi physicians demonstrated, the results for society can be disastrous.
Accounts of Clark's tortuous execution have appeared in newspapers and other media outlets all over the world.
Surely, there will be calls to bring doctors into the death chamber in Lucasville in order to make executions more "humane."
Do Ohioans really want to choose between torturing inmates to death or putting executions in the hands of doctors? This dilemma is inherent in lethal injection, because it puts killing in the hands of healers.
The only way for Ohioans to avoid this untenable choice is to call for a moratorium on executions until capital punishment can be re-examined.
Jonathan I. Groner is a pediatric surgeon and associate professor of surgery at the Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health.


Debbie I have no other way of contacting you. I spoke to Duke email me at please

Friday, April 21, 2006

CLemency for Jeff Hill Please sign

Please pass around

We, the undersigned, urge you, Governor Taft to commute the sentence of Mr. Jeffrey Hill. Mr. Hill is scheduled to be executed on June 15, 2006. In 1991, while under the severe influence of drugs, Jeffrey tragically killed his mother, Emma Hill. The moment he realized the events of his mother's death, Jeffrey expressed and continues to express deep remorse. The families of Jeffrey Hill and the late Emma Hill have requested that the sentence of Jeffrey Hill be commuted. THIS FAMILY HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH – PLEASE GRANT JEFF CLEMENCY! Let our voice be heard, another death in our family will only add more suffering and grief to the burdens we have already borne.
ACTION PETITIONED FOR: We, the undersigned, urge you, Governor Taft, to act now to commute the death sentence of Jeffrey Hill.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Kim Smith

FOR SALE! Please contact Duke at! (Note! Any mail to this address is being printed off and sent to Duke. He has no access to the internet, and therefore response time might be very long. Don't forget to include an address for him to reach you personally.)

Get your own photograph drawn by sending a copy directly to Duke at:
Donald Palmer
Ohio State Penitentiary
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, Ohio
44505 USA